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Our people. Our talented people. We’re really proud of them all. Not just the famous ones, but also the grafters, the inventors, the scientists, the volunteers…. all the unsung heroes that built the infrastructure we use and who make this place so great.
We’re from a long line of talented people who pioneered the sectors within which we all operate (music, film, engineering, sport…).
So this section is all about our people. This is where they showcase their talents, tell the world what they’re up to and put themselves on the NI and world map.
NI Badges
Silver NI badges are available to buy. Click on the image below to find out more about them. There is also a Gold NI Award which is a crowd-sourced, public-nomination award. Details of this can also be found by clickicg on the image below…
NI badges
celeb gallery

NI Crowd Sourced Campaigns

No politics. No religion. No prejudice. Just NI.

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