NI2030 is a business-led ambition, an economic target. We’re asking ourselves what economy we would like our children to inherit by 2030 – and we’ll work together to deliver it.
NI doesn’t have millions of hectares of land to farm. Neither do we have millions of people in a labour force to make things. Under the ground we don’t have a bountiful supply of wealth to dig up and sell – oil, gold, copper, diamonds. With only 1.8 million people we’re too small to sustain much more than a local artisan industry.
So what do we have that the world wants, now and in the future, that has value and gives us a stake in the world game?
Smart people. World class problem solvers and a world class work ethic. The world is full of difficult and dangerous problems that need to be solved. For 400 years our smart folks have been solving problems and changing the world. It’s what we’re known for, and what we’re good at. Where other countries build, farm and dig – we get dirty with algorithms, binary and code. Our boffins take on impossible tasks. Our talent produces the solutions. Our artists, designers and developers make it look beautiful and seamless. As a Creative Capital of Europe we’re proud to sit at the top table among the world’s best Knowledge Economies.
Our bold ambition – by 2030 to be known as THE Creative Capital of Europe. It’s ambitious, but why not. The attempt to get there will elevate our economy into the level of performance we would like to operate at. We have the talent (current and future), we have the infrastructure and we have the hunger and ambition of our young people keen to make their mark on the world. We’re a small, fast-moving speedboat in a world of slow turning tankers. We have one of the best eco-spheres in the world for young innovators. Yes, the world. So our future is bright. Our doors are open and we’re inviting the world in. Come to our Creative Capital. Invest in us, with us … and in our future.
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No politics. No religion. No prejudice. Just NI.

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