#musicNI is a crowd sourced movement that celebrates the incredible music scene of N.Ireland. Run by the grass roots artists and organisations it exists to showcase the best and give a voice to those who are never heard.
Under the NI2030 Economic & Creative Capital ambition for N.Ireland: “By 2030 we would like to have a music scene that is recognised around the world for its talent, creativity and innovation. A strong eco-sphere that develops a grassroots pipeline, that supports an indigenous eclectic mix of musicians and those who service them and one which is capable of commercially connecting us into the world”.
The music scene in NI has been punching above its weight for years. For such a small place that very few people have ever heard of our world class exports of Van Morrison, The Undertones and Snow Patrol have flown the flag for NI around the world. It’s now time for the current crop to make history for the future, to build a world our children will inherit and be proud to call their own.
NI: Europe’s Creative Capital by 2030. NI is already a Creative Capital of Europe, with our film industry, silicon valley and thriving arts, artisan and digital media sectors. But we have an ambition. That is to become THE Creative Capital of Europe. And why not. Aim for the moon and if you don’t aim for the moon, you’ll reach the stars. The Giants Causeway isn’t the only thing we’re the custodian’s of that we need to hand onto our kids in a better condition than how we inherited it. This is how we feel about music. If we want to have a future music sector to hand on, we need to continue to evolve and work hard to stay ahead of the curve.
#musicNI. This is our showcase. Our shop window. Our voice. It’s who we are. It’s how we live. It’s where we come together. It’s our world – and we invite you in. You’re very welcome….

Gary Hegarty | Champion | #musicNI


Derry based Gary Hegarty is the NI Champion for #musicNI. The founder of DerryLIVElist, Gary is passionate about grassroots music and promoting the NI music scene to the world. “NI has a great pedigree in the music sector and we need to keep innovating and finding new bands to discover the next Van Morrison, Undertones or Gary Lightbody. World class talent punching above our weight – #musicNI”


No politics. No religion. No prejudice. Just NI.

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