For some it’s the beaches, the mountains, the Glens, the Loughs, the world class landscapes, photos of the sunrise over the still glassy waters of Belfast Lough with the iconic yellow Harland & Wolff cranes in the background, closing their eyes and falling into the sounds of nature in Fermanagh, the crashing of the surf, the magnificent big skies….
For others it’s the craic we’re known for around the world, how we make visitors feel welcome and that they’re part of the family, the banter, the humility, how we’re happy just to get on without shouting out about how great we are, the close knit communities, how we look out for each other.
For most it’s how we feel when our Rory, Van, Liam, Jamie, Gary (and all our stars) perform on the world stage, representing our tiny space on the world map, how we chat about them with pride in work and school, like they’re members of our family. It’s the feeling of pride that one of our own proved Einstein wrong, become one of the best footballers ever and even invented hot chocolate…
Whatever the reason, we just #loveNI.

No politics. No religion. No prejudice. Just NI.

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