I am NI

There’s a brand I wear, of no side
That shows the world where I live, with a heart full of pride
It’s free from religion, it has no vote
As far as I know it’s a pretty full boat
Of people like me who sit in this space
Accepting of all regardless of colour or race.

You see I’m Irish, I’m British and I’m all in between
I’m a unique mix, of which many will dream
I’m McIlroy, I’m Neeson, the Titanic and Best
I’m the Causeway, the beaches, the Glens and the rest.

Put simply when asked – I am ‘NI’
Which for me means The North or Northern, or just ‘I’
It’s on our big brands, it’s all over the web
And I prefer to use it instead
Of the green, white and gold, the red, white and blue
To state that I’m ‘all’ and not of the ‘few’.

I dream of a future where my kids will be free
To say what they want and be whoever they’ll be
You see my kids don’t see sides, theirs is a world in full colour
They accept all as equal and respect one another
All cultures, minorities, religions, beliefs, LGBT
It’s only the person inside they can see.

So ‘NI’ is the flag that I pin to my mast
It shows to my neighbours I don’t live in the past
I support Ireland Rugby, GAA, the national footy side too
Camogie, sailing, cricket, hockey, to name but a few
I learn basic Gaelic and Ulster Scots – it’s important to know
Our street names, our heritage and to my neighbours I’ll show
A respect for a world we share and we’ll grow.

From Space we’re like Monaco, a jewel shining bright
A small population with commercial might
‘The Shipyard of the World’, ‘The Linen Capital of the World’
… we were once known for our power, our knowledge and our state
World class talent punching above its weight.

That’s the story I tell my son
Of what was achieved on the soil he lives on
It makes him proud, it gives him hope…
“Think big, dream hard, build a future for your own kids”, I’ll say
“On the soil you stand they’ll inherit one day.”

You see, what I say to my wean is key
He’ll mimic, repeat, he’ll be just like me
I live in a world where I have no hate
I resent no-one, I accept all through my gate
People of all colours, gay and off-beat
These are my neighbours who live in my street.

‘NI’ is the flag that I pin to my mast
It states that I am all, I am none – that I don’t live in the past
I only see a future of colour and fun
Of people and soil, all there for my son.

I am NI

If you’d like to show the world how amazing NI is you can do so by using the Facebook cover shot below or using any of the free logos to your right on your website, social content, etc. brandNI is publicly owned and crowd-sourced, so as long as they are not used for political, religious or prejudicial reasons – help yourself!
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What this poem says…

What I’m saying to the world if I wear the NI badge or use the NI logo:

“I’m proud to respect the views and support everyone in this geographical space. That I love this space and all within. For me, and others like me, this is a symbol of the middle ground, for those of us who refuse to use a symbol or a colour that might be offensive to others in NI. I respect the views of those who don’t sit in the middle ground, all I ask of them is for them to respect me and my views. This is not a political statement. History, politics and time will determine where NI sits in the world. Right now, I just want to get on with my life in a non political and non sectarian way.

For too long now there has been a silent majority and a very vocal minority. I don’t want my voice to be associated with the latter, but I do want to be heard. I understand that this space has had a very difficult and controversial past, but it’s the past. We need to move on. I want to move on. Build new. Grow good”.

The brandNI movement wants

  • Our children to achieve in life ‘because’ they are from NI, not ‘despite’ of being from here
  • NI to continue to grow as a strong economy to deliver us all more jobs with less reliance on the Government sector
  • Us to be proud of where we’re from, not embarrassed by how our representatives make us look overseas and how we make ourselves look to the outside world
  • To live in the 21st Century, not stuck with our dated views on civil marriage, race and religion – a dated view we don’t agree with and don’t want to be associated with
  • The world to hear that, per capita, we’re one of the most talented populations on the planet and as a Creative Capital of Europe it’s a brilliant place to live, invest in and trade with. We are hot property on the world map and we will boast that we live here and stand proud

NI needs to change.
We want change.
For our children.
For our future.

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No politics. No religion. No prejudice. Just NI.

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