As part of the NI2030 economic strategy ?#?artisanNI? is an independent, publicly owned, crowd-sourced movement that showcases the artisan producers of N.Ireland.
The definition of ‘artisanNI’: “Someone who both lives and produces in N.Ireland using hand, traditional or non-mass produced techniques to craft a distinctly high-quality product; a product developed and brought to market with passion, determination and pride; with an ambition to create something unique and desirable that helps to define our space on the world map”.
The NI Year of Food & Drink 2016 is our opportunity to put the NI artisan food & drink sector on the NI, UK and world map. The ambition is to use the year to give this sector more local profile and as a result act as a commercial accelerator pedal for all. By the end of 2016 we’d like to try and double the spend on NI artisan food & drink.
Why is our artisan sector so important? Because it’s local. Local people using local ingredients and materials to produce high quality products for a local market. These are people we know. Employing people we know. Jobs in local, often rural communities. Most of the artisan producers make very little money, but they continue to produce jams, chutneys, oils, chocolate, bread, cakes, cheese … day-in-day-out because it’s their passion. They love it and we love what they make.
So our message is simple – “Support NI artisan producers – #artisanNI”. How can you do this? Buy their products, identified by the #artisanNI logo. If you enjoy their products please tweet or tag your comments and photos with #artisanNI to let others know. And if it’s something you feel passionate about, then join us – download the logo and put it on your site, blog, tweets, leaflets, posters, fridge, door, fence, granny! :). #artisanNI is a crowd-sourced movement created by the artisans themselves. It is non-commercial – there is nothing to sign up to – it’s a movement designed to support a way of life, high quality local produce and a group of people who do really good things for NI.

The artisan food & drink producers of NI

Jenna Stevenson | Champion | #artisanNI


Jenna Stevenson, Founder of Bite to Savour, is the NI Champion for #artisanNI. Jenna chairs the monthly meetings and ensures the voice of the artisan sector of N.Ireland is heard. “We have some of the best artisan food & drink on the planet created by some of the most amazing, passionate producers. It’s time to put us on the world map. Support #artisan producers!”. Mum of one, Jenna comes from Kilkeel.

Northern Ireland artisan food

Meet the artisan producers of NI

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