About BrandNI

BrandNI is a movement and a non-political, non-religious, non-prejudicial business brand for N.Ireland. Whether short for ‘Northern Ireland’ or the ‘North of Ireland’, NI is a symbol of positivity, celebrating the talent, innovation and opportunity embedded in NI. Similar to how New Zealand use ‘NZ’ and have the fern as their globally recognised symbol, we have ‘NI’ and the Giants Causeway Rock (the 8th Wonder of the World found in the north of NI) as our recognised symbol and the hexagon (the shape of the Causeway stones) as our ‘shape’ for creative content, logos etc.
BrandNI is crowd-sourced and publicly owned. Which means anyone can use it to promote anything and everything positive that is coming out of NI – as long as you don’t use it for political, religious or prejudicial reasons. If you feel that the BrandNI movement is being abused, you can highlight your concerns by using #brandNIabuse. This is a public brand so hijacking it for political, religious or prejudicial reasons isn’t cool and shouldn’t be tolerated. So please don’t do it!
If you want to get involved then spread the word. Use the hashtags to promote all the great things you see here in NI. Photo, share, post, inform, promote. This is yours to use, so work away. Most importantly, welcome visitors to NI and tell them about all the good things that are happening here and have happened in the past. Lastly share the 2030 vision and encourage our young people to be proud of where they are from, to want to stay here, to achieve great things and to be part of what we believe will be an exciting future.

Making contact with BrandNI

If you would like to speak to someone who owns brandNI – look in the mirror 🙂
BrandNI is a movement. It is not a physical company, charity or cause. Everything you see has been crowd-sourced, donated by folks who like the idea. Everything donated has no strings attached. It’s all for the greater good. As a result there is no HQ, no spokesperson, no Facebook page, no Twitter account (so beware of imposters!), no newsletter, nothing to sign up to and nothing to follow.
The hashtags are all public domain, set up by the public – this site simply enables you to find NI groups and positive NI activities.
There is, however, an email address to help you if you want to do something major with the brand/logos and want to check the rules, get a bit of help or if you want some silver corporate badges to use as an ambassador for NI in meetings, conferences or presentations overseas.
The email address is brandni [at sign] outlook [dot] com
But please no sales emails, media enquiries etc as the emails go to someone who can’t help you so you won’t get a reply! Thanks…

No politics. No religion. No prejudice. Just NI.

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