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BrandNI: Whether short for ‘Northern Ireland’ or the ‘North of Ireland’, NI is a symbol of positivity – a non-political, non-religious and non-prejudicial movement, celebrating the talent, innovation and opportunity embedded in NI.

NI: The best golfing nation in the world
If you add up all the golfing titles won by our NI golfers McIlroy, Clark and McDowell and divide by our tiny population, per capita we’re currently the most successful golfing population on Earth!


In 1889 NI changed cycling forever
1889: Willie Hume used Dunlop’s pneumatic tyres for the first time racing at Queens University (vs. solid wheels). He won every race. Pneumatic tyres were born and cycling changed forever.

I am NI

‘I am NI’ poem
There’s a brand I wear, of no side ; That shows the world where I live, with a heart full of pride …  I’m Irish, I’m British and I’m all in between ; I’m a unique mix, of which many will dream … [more]

No politics. No religion. No prejudice. Just NI.
Over the past 400 years if you add up all the inventions, successes and innovations that have come out of NI and divide by the population – people from NI, per capita, are some of the most innovative and talented people on the planet. #NI

#loveNI  |  What we love. Why…

#worldclassNI  |  Punching above our weight since 1608

#madeinNI  |  Centuries of innovation & creativity

NI folks  |  Our talented people

#NI2030  |  Creative Capital of Europe

Punch above one’s weight
(idiomatic) To achieve or perform at a higher level than would be expected.

No politics. No religion. No prejudice. Just NI.

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